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Writer’s Block? Here’s How to Identify Corporate Blog Topics

So you’ve finally taken the leap and created a corporate blog. The layout and design are done. You have identified your top SEO (“search engine optimization” for any accountants who may be reading this post) terms. You may even have lined up a couple of regular authors. Well, now the real fun begins—finding a steady stream of topics to keep the blog momentum going and the readers engaged.

The need for posting consistency is often the most intimidating component of this social media staple. The challenge of finding authors to develop the content and interesting topics to build each post around can be daunting.

Fear not, however, there are a number of different places (some obvious, some not so obvious) where you can find timely and relevant topics for your corporate blog posts.

  • Your own news announcements or announcements from customers, partners or industry associations and analyst groups often provide a nice backdrop for blog posts. While you don’t want to simply reiterate the content of the press release, summarizing the news and adding some information, from opinions to more details about the news, is a nice touch. And always link back to the original press release’s location on your website.
  • The same method used to identify trends for a media-focused thought leadership campaign can be applied to blog topic research. Looking at the hot-button issues in your industry can help provide fodder for blog topics. For instance, a mobile technology company’s corporate blog might look at mobile device management (MDM) or bring your own device (BYOD) trends, while an enterprise software company may want to develop posts on big data or cloud-based applications. 
  • Pulling from the mainstream news or capitalizing on holidays and seasons is another proven method for creating quick-hitting blog content. Relating general interest topics such as elections or major sporting events to your company’s product or service can help bridge the gap during slower blogging waves. In addition, annual buzz topics such as holiday shopping or back to school provide fertile ground for blog post catalysts.
  • Blogging about what you expect to see or learn at a trade show and then following that up with what you actually did see or learn is a great method for securing multiple blog posts from one event. Please note that adding pictures you took at the event can help boost readership numbers and even SEO.
  • Industry or analyst statistics or studies empower corporate bloggers to share opinions on the reported numbers or results and often weave in some subtle language on the company’s own product or service.
  • While often right under an organization’s nose, employees are often over looked as a blog topic resource. Not only can employees help develop content, but Q&A-style interviews with new employees help promote both the company culture and often a product or market that is of interest from a sales perspective.

These are just a few of the places where organizations can look for corporate blog post topics. Vertical market themes, case studies and even media coverage offer good jumping off points for blog posts. While it is important to keep a fluid schedule of corporate blog posts, it is helpful to develop a calendar of ideas that provides a general guide. It will also help alleviate some of that “what do I write about” blogging anxiety and make the entire process more productive.

Have some fun with that corporate blog!

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Keith Giannini

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