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Watching the Bailout at Home

All eyes in Washington are on one piece of legislation, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Given President Obama’s priorities, there’s little doubt the Act will include monies that are ultimately invested in renewable energy initaitives. But while our elected officials discuss the specifics of the legislation inside the beltway, those not in Washington have plenty of tools to follow along at home.

During his weekly address to the country, which was broadcast via YouTube, President Obama  announced, a website that will track where the money within the Act goes once the legislation is passed.

Even before the legislation is approved, we learn about various decisions that affect the cleantech industry. The New York Times is watching day-to-day developments, which of late have included:

Yesterday, the Times reported that Congressman Edward  Markety (D-MA) will be authoring the cap-and-trade legislation that is inteded to curb the production of Greenhouse gases.

Today, the paper noted that the House version of the bill, which will be voted on this afternoon, includes significant sums for public schools around the country. Some of the money is intended for "school renovation and modernization." It follows that schools can invest this money in projects that will conserve energy.

Of course the bigger question is how the money will be alloted and spent. It’s a question no one really has the answer to. And we’re watching closely.

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Ross Levanto

Ross Levanto

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