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Video: What Everyday People Know About Encryption

“Where the world talks security” was the tagline at this year’s RSA conference where 30,000 IT vendors and technology professionals exchanged ideas about security threats and products. A week later as media headlines continue to report the latest security breaches and privacy debates, it seems the security conversation has extended beyond the aisles of Moscone to the dinner table, spin class and playground.

But despite the proliferation of terms like “encryption” and “IoT,” how much do everyday people really understand what they hear? Or even what they are saying? Is there an opportunity for security vendors to build a clearer understanding of security technology?

Video: What Everyday People Know About Encryption

If the goal of your communications program is a clear message that reaches a broad audience, examine your usual language choices and reconsider how to explain complex technologies in simpler terms.

In the meantime, we’ll be dissecting our RSA notes on the latest cryptography, biometrics, DDOS, IAM, APT and WAF research. Because you can only explain what you understand.

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Dara Sklar

Dara Sklar is a Senior Vice President of Technology & IT Security and head of MSLGROUP’s West Coast security practice.

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