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Three cool new ways to shorten your URLs and give your brand a boost

There seems to be no shortage in innovation around the short URL. Still shortening with You’re so 2010! To be fair, continues to offer new functionality, most recently with the even shorter option. But if you want to do something exciting with your short URLs – while creating more visibility for your brand, here are three new tools to try:

  bread.jpg – Still in private beta, we’ve been excited about trying ever since Ben Parr reviewed it on Mashable because it offers the opportunity to promote your brand every time someone clicks on one of your short URLs. With, you create a webpage (called a Toast) that promotes your brand (or product, promotion, etc). When one of your followers or fans clicks on your link, they’ll see your Toast for five seconds before being redirected to the webpage you’ve linked to. Ever the early adopter, Lady Gaga is already using it.

lady gaga bread.jpgyourls-logo.png

YOURLS – Promote your own company instead of the tool you’re using by creating custom URLs with YOURLS (your own URL shortener). Simply install YOURLS on your server, buy a short domain, point the short domain at your website and you have your own shortening service. 



BridgeURL – BridgeURL is brilliant when you want to share a collection of links. You enter your list – favourite YouTube videos, top  restaurants to visit during a trade show, mediacoverage, to name a few potential examples, and BridgeURL presents them as a slideshow. Try it here and see a collection of our consumer clients. 


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