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Thoughts from @bio2011


Nigel Smith (@Virgillove) here, just back from a great few days at the Bio International Convention(@bio2011) in D.C. A few observations stand out among the chatter being discussed on the show floor:

First, All eyes were on the FDA panel meeting being held a few miles away regarding the cancer fighter Avastin to treat breast cancer. An FDA panel ultimately voted to halt the drug use for breast cancer, stating that studies have failed to demonstrate its effectiveness. Genentech, the developers of the drug, has successfully marketed Avastin for the treatment of colon, lung and brain cancers. 

Secondly, I was struck by the unity of international countries and the US demonstrating their smarts, innovation and access to pro-business policies from around the world.  It’s clear that great work is being born in institutions from around the world where access to shared information and smart ideas is nurtured. Investments are pouring into geographies which may not have been originally top of mind with business development or VC folks. In fact, sounds like we should be keeping an eye on Poland and Brazil as both countries are emerging hotbeds. In a few years we’ll all be thinking, of course these locations are important.

All in all, it was a great conference and always a pleasure to connect and network with my biotech colleagues – old and new – from across the globe.

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Dave Close

Dave Close

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