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This is it: RSA 2010 — Day 5

This is it. The fifth and final day of the 2010 RSA Conference, and it’s been quite a ride. Looking back, it’s clear the cloud takes the gold as the most discussed item, although government presence and increasing cyberthreats picked up speed in the latter half of the week, placing each at a tie for silver, especially since they seem to go hand in hand. Tim Greene of NetworkWorld wrote a very thorough article that explores each of these topics in greater detail.

Taking a look at the conversations yesterday, many revolved around FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III’s speech regarding the increasing threat of cyberterrorism. In his speech, he presented the idea that hackers will continue to enhance their skills and will eventually combine cyberattacks with physical attacks. Along with warnings of foreign nations supporting radical group recruitment via the Internet, Mueller advised any company that finds itself to be a target or victim of a cyberattack to turn to the government for help, promising business confidentiality and safeguards to privacy.

Continuing down the path of government presence within the cybersecurity realm, there are also some (perhaps not too outlandish) beliefs that the U.S. is involved in a cyberwar…and we are losing. Cybersecurity Czar Howard Schmidt denied the existence of a cyberwar saying it’s a terrible concept and further explaining that it’s an environment where no one can win. To reiterate what has been discussed in previous posts, Schmidt’s priorities for the year include better end-user education (something most security professionals say over and over again is a key area of improvement), information sharing and better defense systems.

There was also talk yesterday of the real benefit of using end-to-end encryption within the credit card industry, increasing ID theft within the healthcare industry and fraud. Interestingly enough, there were also discussions of robotics and the changes this advancement would introduce to society.

For the final day at RSA, anticipate continued discussion of increasing cyberthreats, but be prepared for a slight twist on the conversation, as many sessions today will discuss cybersecurity trends, digital forensics, encryption and identity/access control.

For those of you traveling home this weekend, safe travels and we’ll see you next year.

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