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The Wearable Wheel: Visualizing Wearable Tech

The Wearable Wheel is a visual map of the wearable technology landscape.

Innovation and investment in wearable technology is exploding. At CES 2014 and SxSW, wearables were one of the hottest topics for discussion.

At MSLGROUP we have the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative wearable companies. We firmly believe wearable technology represents a significant, disruptive shift that will fundamentally change the technology landscape over the next few years. Wearables bring technology closer than ever and let us more easily integrate it into our daily lives in a form factor we are used to. We are seeing financial institutions starting to look at banking via Glass and smartwatches, wearables changing the way medicine is delivered, wearables transforming family communications and wearables helping pets live longer.

But when MSLGROUP looked for a way to visualize the overall market we found a gap. There were some databases, but no real graphical characterization. So we decided to organize it ourselves. By searching TechCrunch, Crunchwear,, Mashable, Google, Forbes and other sites, we compiled a list of almost 400 innovative wearables companies. These range from some of the largest companies in the world to Kickstarter backed projects.

Inspired by Brian Solis and his Conversation Prism, we decided to take a first stab at segmenting the wearable market and organized the companies by major categories. Like any wheel, this will be in regular motion. If we missed your company, let us know and we will update it at regular intervals. We consider this a beta version – 0.8

CLICK HERE to download a high resolution version of this infographic.

Infographic: Wearable Wheel by MSLGROUP

Some interesting stats from our research:

  • Clothing is the largest segment – While smartwatches and augmented reality are getting the lion’s share of media attention, technology integrated into clothing accounts for 25% of wearable innovation.
  • Healthcare wearables are one of the three largest segments – The innovation in this space is astounding and may have the biggest impact on our lives on any wearable segment.
  • This is just the beginning – MSLGROUP is confident the wearable market will continue to evolve and segment. The wearable platforms need more apps to help them realize their full potential, but until the market is more mature, few developers will take the risks. It’s a chicken and egg situation, but we are excited by the innovators that are blazing the trail.

In the coming weeks we will take a deeper dive in each of these segments and look at major trends in the space.

What do you see as the most innovative wearable company?

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Mark McClennan

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