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The SXSW Effect

Ever since the launch of Twitter, the Technorati have talked about the power of SXSW to amplify discussions, product launches and issues – even if just for a few hours.

Today we saw that to great effect with a live video interview with Edward Snowden. No one would argue he has been a hot topic in the media over the past month. So I wanted to see if SXSW would really have a big impact.

Following are the results thanks to a quick search today on Topsy:

During Edward Snowden's SXSW presentation, Twitter mentions spiked

Conversation spiked 3x over the previous top Snowden news cycle. Today Snowden hashtags were 1/6th of all SXSW Twitter discussion according to a Sprinklr visualization.

This really shows that for the hottest topics, SXSW is much more than an echo chamber – it amplifies discussions well beyond what they would normally experience on social media. With Snowden – it wasn’t just limited to social, as traditional picked it up.

This isn’t limited to just international celebrities. If you look at the hottest SXSW topic this year – Wearables – they also were amplified significantly.

Wearable mentions also spiked on Twitter during SXSW

So yes, the SXSW Effect is still in strong effect. Now it will be up to the brand communicators to make sure it is a lasting effect that delivers business results.

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