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The Buzz at RSA 2014: Day 3

The NSA/RSA conversation only continues at the RSA Conference… Today marks the day of Trustycon so the buzz around RSA’s relationship with the agency will only persist. People are still tweeting, blogging and discussing Art Coviello’s Tuesday keynote.

Apart from that, there were quite a few other interesting panels and keynotes yesterday that are important to highlight:

1. Stop Looking for the Silver Bullet: Start Thinking Like a Bad Guy

This keynote speech by Art Gilliland, Senior VP of HP, revealed that organizations worldwide spent approximately $46B on cyber security in 2013, but successful breaches increased 20%, and the cost of an individual breach increased 30%. While the security industry looks for silver bullets, criminals are investing more, sharing more and working harder. Gilliland suggested changing the way we invest in and approach security—if we think like our cyber-enemies.

2. The FBI and the Private Sector: Closing the Gap in Cyber Security

James Comey, the Director of the FBI, strongly suggested that there needs to be more partnerships between the government and private sector to help each other and increase security stability for all. Comey “said that addressing cybersecurity issues effectively can only be done through increased cooperation with law enforcement and the collective efforts and wisdom of the commercial information security community,” according to Infosecurity Magazine. “The new FBI director today told the audience at the RSA Conference in San Francisco that cybersecurity is now at the top of a list of domestic security concerns, eclipsing both terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Comey said the FBI has been working to train local law enforcement partners to respond to cyber-related issues, as well as with the NSA, CIA, and Secret Service, to share information and eliminate turf battles in combating cybercrime.”

3. Crypto for Constrained Devices – A Talk with Whitfield Diffie

In order to increase security, Safe Logic CEO and technical advisor Whitfield Diffie, said that cryptography needs to be much stronger. This session addressed cryptography for constrained devices, and used wearables as an example. Whether it be consumer or industrial, wearables can be hacked because cryptography is not where it needs to be in order to protect the devices. Examples included Google Glass that surgeons can wear. The security of these glasses is on shaky ground when it comes to violating HIPAA guidelines as the glasses can be attacked by a hacker.

 The New Selfie: #SecSeflie

One of the fun trends? The #SecSelfie filling up Twitter feeds, which is a competition for RSA attendees to take the best “selfie” at the conference–the winner gets a Smart Watch. So, go ahead and snap a picture of yourself if you’re at the conference!

Neil Rubenking (@neiljrubenking) #SecSelfie

Neil Rubenking #SecSelfie

Max Eddy (@wmaxeddy) #SecSelfie

Max Eddy #SecSelfie






Stay tuned for more updates and final insights from RSA 2014 as the show beings to wrap up. MSLGROUP is keeping an eye on all of the trends and hot topics, and will update you on the closing days of the conference. Can you believe it’s almost over already?

Photo Cred.: @neiljrubenking@wmaxeddy

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