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The 2015 RSA Conference Clock Ticks Toward April 20

Are you a marketing or public relations professional responsible for making your executive team look good in front of reporters and industry analysts at the 2015 RSA Conference? Do you have your finger on the pulse of how reporters plan to spend their time at the conference? How many media briefings do you have scheduled for your executives? Whether you have answers to one, two or all three questions, there isn’t a lot of time between now and the start of the conference on April 20.

If successfully navigating the RSA Press List is giving you nightmares, and the executive team is harping about meetings at the show, then please take a look at recent findings from the MSLGROUP’s 2015 RSA Conference Media Audit so that you can reduce your stress. Or maybe reading these findings will only increase your stress. I hope not. To help MSLGROUP’s clients and others in the industry maximize their time spent at the show, the agency reached out to 25 of the most influential IT security reporters. What we learned provides valuable insight into positioning your company for success and at the same hopefully increases the number of face-to-face meetings you are able to schedule.

MSLGROUP learned that 35 percent of reporters are interested in new research on security threats or vulnerabilities. Don’t bother repackaging old news because reporters want fresh content. Another 30 percent of reporters are most interested in the personalities behind the hottest IT security companies in the world. What is it about your executives that will set them apart? Is your CEO, CTO or founder really cool? Have they climbed the Himalayas blindfolded? So that’s a stretch, but maybe they have several technology patents to their name? Or maybe this is the third IT security company they founded. Take those tidbits, package them into a short pitch and good luck. Another 20 percent of reporters would like to discuss with CEOs their strategies and corporate vision. Only 15 percent of reporters will have time at the show to write about new products.

MSLGROUP also learned what hot IT security topics are most interesting to reporters. The list is really long but some highlighted topics include: incident response, breach detection, cloud security, privacy versus security and IoT security. To learn more about MSLGROUP’s Media Audit or if you could like a few insider tips on successfully scheduling briefings with the top reporters attending RSA, contact Bill Keeler at: or by calling 781 684-0770.

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