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That’s a Wrap: The Buzz at RSA 2014 (Day 4)

As RSA 2014 wound down on Thursday, conversations shifted. Yes, buzz persisted around the NSA/RSA scandal. However, other topics came to the forefront. A few notable keynote and panel topics included:

charity: water: Founded by CEO, Scott Harrison, the main goal is to get clean water to every person on the planet living without it. The charity was started after Harrison traveled to Africa on a volunteer mission and learned about the terrible effects that dirty and unsafe drinking water can have. The remarkable success of charity: water shows us the power of community and technology when focused on a single, shared mission.

RSAC wraps up with presentation by Scott Harrison of CharityWater (Photo cred: Wikimedia Commons)

The Cloud-Security Nightmare or Our Next Great Hope: Chairman and CEO of Qualys Philippe Courtot discussed the cloud in his session. Security professionals in general distrust the cloud—losing control, fly-by-night third party solutions, privacy and surveillance. However, the cloud provides a way to address issues such as the vanished perimeter, ubiquitous connected devices and new categories of attack. Courtot addressed how we can turn the cloud in our favor to defend against the increasing security challenges we are facing.

The New Model of Security: Senior VP of Cisco, Christopher Young, and Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of Cisco, Padmasree Warrior, spoke on the evolution of security that has been propelled by the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT provides great connectivity of devices, but means that companies that utilize IoT need to also become security-focused in order to protect their system.

TrustyCon: Yesterday, we also learned about what was discussed at the first ever TrustyCon. Across the street from RSA, conversation topics included Operation Olympic Games, the alleged joint US-Israeli effort to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program via the now-infamous Stuxnet malware, and so on. Mikko Hypponen, CRO at F-Secure kicked off the conference by claiming that the security industry “is asleep right now, not seeing what’s going on in the world, and we need to wake up.” He went on further to discuss the RSA/NSA scandal that has been at the center of discussions all week at RSA. Hypponen said that RSA should have known what the NSA was doing and should have known better than to work with them. He also made it clear that he will never return as a speaker at RSA Conference.

NSA: Nicole Perlroth of the New York Times published an article about another disturbing aspect of all of the NSA news. It was reported that a British Intelligence Agency used an NSA-provided search tool to obtain a collection of webcam images from Yahoo users, “whether or not they were suspected of illegal activity.”

Overall this week, breaking news was not bountiful–other than the topic of the RSA/NSA relationship. Those watching the news surrounding the conference can understand how attractive this hot topic was and why it was filling up Twitter feeds.

That’s A Wrap

What did you find most interesting at RSA 2014? Was there any news you think should have seen more attention? Do you think the NSA conversation overshadowed other topics?

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We hope you found our updates throughout the week to be insightful and helpful. Our team is looking forward to see how the conversations from RSA 2014 play out, and what the focus of RSA 2015 will be! See you next year!

PhotoCred:Wikimedia Commons, FutUndBeidl via Flickr

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