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Survey Implementation for Client Content Creation

At MSLGROUP, our mission as public relations professionals is to be our client’s most trusted advisor. Anytime a client wants to implement any type of new campaign or media outreach initiative, they look to us to give them the most valuable and honest advice on how to amplify their brand messages. One PR technique we have suggested often over the past several years is to create an end-user survey. When designed well, surveys can provide valuable market intelligence, and can be newsworthy to the media.

To check on our advice, MSLGROUP Boston decided to put our money where our mouth is. We took a survey of our clients that use surveys and here’s what we found:

  • 75 percent of the clients surveyed saw a combination of either press release pickup, feature coverage or mention in a trend piece
  • 46 percent of clients used survey findings for sales/marketing collateral
  • 25 percent of clients used the findings for a blog post

So what does this mean?

In 2014 content is king. The more material your clients can create, in this case from survey findings, the greater the chance of delivering valuable content to the media, increasing lead-gen traffic, and developing a reputation for thoughtful insights.  The media is hungry for new content, and satisfying that hunger through the right combination of content is key to a successful campaign.

Taking the survey further, clients can develop creative sales and marketing content including whitepapers, eBooks, videos and infographics where survey results serve as proof points for messaging and branding.

Socializing survey content goes hand-in-hand with content development, all vehicles driving new leads to the website while increasing brand visibility. Using Twitter and Facebook to post organic thoughts on the survey findings and link back to appeared articles or videos as third party validation further amplifies the survey results. Engaging in LinkedIn discussions by joining groups that are relevant positions clients as thought leaders through their survey findings.

And of course, developing blog posts on key findings provides a way for the client to talk about the survey in their own words. With embedded links, the post will drive readers to earned media coverage and additional marketing materials either free for download or behind a registration portal.

So, the next time a survey comes up for discussion, remember that the ability to generate multiple forms of content can be as important as the survey results.

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Brittany Boyer

Brittany Boyer

Account Executive at MSLGROUP

Brittany is an Account Executive at MSLGROUP Boston where she focuses on media relations and content creation for clients in the healthcare, technology and security space.

Brittany Boyer

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