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Yesterday, the White House announced a plan to help put veterans back to work with the assistance of Schwartz MSL client, which gives veterans access to more than 500,000 job listings from its “veteran-friendly companies” job search filter.

This initiative marks a huge milestone in our country’s commitment to repaying the debt of gratitude that is owed to all men and women in uniform by providing military veterans with immediate access to employers who are committed to hiring veterans.

The reality is that many veterans return home to a stark reality: high unemployment rates and rising costs of food, shelter and services in nearly every state. That’s where companies like are now stepping up to help make the transition from deployment to employment easier for our veterans and their families. So how does the plan work?

In addition to the White House’s plan to provide other new resources for veterans,  Google, the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs and have been working together to develop the Veteran’s Job Bank, pulling from more than 500,000 specially-tagged job postings on that feature opportunities from veteran-committed companies all over the country. As more employers undertake to become part of the Veterans Job Bank, Google will index these new job postings to help increase the available jobs for veterans on

To learn more about how to mark your company’s job postings as Veteran-committed so that you can be a part of President Obama’s commitment to put veterans back to work, please visit

Written By: Amanda Chagoya

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