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Silicon Valley PR: Apple Trumps Samsung in Patent Fight

Bad news for Fanboy haters.

Samsung infringed on six Apple patents and will have to pay $1 billion+ in damages according to a jury verdict in the "My patent can beat up your patent" legal fight between the two dominant smart phone makers.

Another big loser in this battle was Google, who saw a big Android adopter get smacked.

Samsung, who manufacturers Android-based devices,  is one of the few smart phone and tablet manufacturers with the design chops to get people to consider something other than Apple. So imagine Samsung getting punched in the face and its head smacking back into Google’s face, and you get the idea.

Boxing glove.jpg

The only question this weekend is what will have Bay Area Apple opponents more depressed: a big blow to one of the few viable Apple alternatives, or the Dodgers’ pending blockbuster deal to acquire Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett for the stretch run against the Giants?

Bad news for Dodger haters too.

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Jason Morris

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