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RSA 2015: Talking ‘bout My Next Generation

The time is now. The security generation needs to invest in the next generation of talent, Christofer Hoff, vice president and security chief technology officer, Juniper Networks, urged his colleagues during his RSA keynote.

Hoff teamed up with Reuben Paul to demonstrate how even a third-grader can successfully launch a cyberattack. The nine year old has an impressive track record. He’s CEO of Prudent Games, which produces games on cyber security for kids and adults.

Although their demo didn’t work, Paul showcased his impressive computer skills. Hoff noted that kids like Paul are the future of cybersecurity. “He understands how to break things, but he also knows how to fix them, which is equally important.”

Juniper networks is teaming up with to help introduce a high-school Advanced Placement course for secure coding. They hope to eventually expand the program to reach children of all ages.

Hoff also encouraged audience members to support education efforts geared towards teaching kids how to be safe online and the importance of investing in security in the future. More information about RSA’s Cyber Safety: Kids initiative is available here.

“I would challenge my colleagues to think about funding and investing as much in social programs as we do the technology that we use to defend our infrastructure.”

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