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RSA 2015: Innovate Your Mindset, Not Your Tech

How can we simultaneously live in the “Dark Ages” and the “Information Age”? In the first keynote speech of RSA Conference 2015, “Security’s Age of Enlightenment,” president of EMC’s RSA security division, Amit Yoran, explains the paradox of the world we live in: security knowledge is surface and slow, while data stores drive deeper and the speed of communication increases. In a day in age where self-driving cars are not far off in the future, we take a backseat to tech, Yoran said.

Yoran reviews the breaches, mega-breaches and super-mega-breaches of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, chiding that every year will be the said “Year of the Data Breach.” Attacks will only increase in scope, costing more millions of dollars, personal information and reputations. The defensive mindset of the security industry mimics the Dark Ages. “Taller walls are not solving our problems,” Yoran said, and he outlines five steps for security professionals to stop saying, and start doing:

  1. Stop believing advanced protections are invincible.
  2. Adapt a pervasive and true visibility into our enterprise environments.
  3. Focus on authentication processes—stolen credentials are the most common access point.
  4. Invest in strong external threat intelligence.
  5. Prioritize limited resources for maximum impact.

Enlightenment is defined as a new understanding. Yoran’s list of calls-to-action does not request new technology but a different view on the roles and limitations of existing solutions. “This is not a technology problem, this is a mindset problem,” Yoran concludes.

Enter “Security’s Age of Enlightenment.”

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