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Rounding-up the Round-ups: What are the Leading Cleantech Reporters Saying About 2012 and 2013?

090803_roundup.jpgAs with every new year, a number of key cleantech outlets and journalists have published valuable 2012 wrap up pieces listing predictions on trends and developments for 2013. Some recurring trends include the precipitous drop in VC funding, the success of SolarCity’s IPO, and the convergence of energy and IT. Also, despite its actual collapse taking place in 2011, Solyndra was (unfortunately) still a recurring theme in 2012, specifically with the presidential election.

The general theme seems to be cautious optimism. This time last year, expectations ran high, and the tone has gotten notably less bullish. With that said, there is plenty to be excited about in terms of cleantech progress, as you’ll see in the round up articles on 2012 and 2013 listed below.

Looking Ahead

GreenBiz, VERGE Ahead: 7 trends to watch in 2013 by Derek Top (@derektop), senior editor and VERGE program director

While this piece focuses on the VERGE theme — a term GreenBiz uses to refer to data, IT and new platforms that disrupt the markets for energy, transportation and buildings — the list illustrates the possibilities urban areas have for drastically improving and better managing energy use.

MIT Technology Review, For energy startups, a glass half full or empty by Martin LaMonica (@mlamonica), contributing editor and journalists covering energy and technology

LaMonica outlines four key factors that will either drive or stymie clean technology development this year: a smaller investor pool, continued marriage of energy and IT, low-priced domestic supplies of natural gas and oil, and a focus on improving efficiency of cars rather than electrification. 

Forbes, 6 green tech trends for 2013 by Todd Woody (@greenwombat), environment editor

Here Woody presents predictions from Dallas Kachan, founder of San Francisco-based clean tech market research firm and consultancy Kachan & Co, covering a range of issues, including clean coal, VC investment and the effects of climate change on big agriculture. Kachan also hypothesizes about the rate of solar and wind farm development, saying it will slow due to progress in cleaner baseload power from nuclear technologies, natural gas and cleaner coal power.

The Rear View

Greentech Media, Looking back on 2012 cleantech investing predictions by Rob Day (@cleantechvc), partner with Black Coral Capital

Day has been a cleantech private equity investor since 2004 and has been writing content for the website, Cleantech Investing, since 2005. Annually, Day looks back on how well the predictions he made the December before pan out. This year, he says he was only right 25 percent of the time, with bright spots being the launch of California’s carbon trading market, an increase of project finance and the merging of cleantech and IT/web business models.

GigaOm, The 10 best and worst things to happen to cleantech in 2012, by Katie Fehrenbacher (@katiefehren), senior writer and features editor

Calling out key players that affected the pace of growth and perception of the space — such as Tesla, Solyndra, Bill Gates, Google, Advanced Equities, SolarCity and A123 — Fehrenbacher offers an inclusive overview of what went down last year.

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