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PR Perspective from BayBio

Yesterday was the 20th BayBio event held in South San Francisco. In an era of declining interest in tradeshows, there were more than 700 attendees representing 400 companies. There is undeniable momentum in research as personalized medicine continues to show remarkable progress in fighting disease. 

Naturally the economy’s impact to R&D and venture funding dominated the discussion. Buoyed by the news of BiPar’s $500M acquisition by Sanofi-Aventis earlier in the week, it remains clear that great technology along with superb management teams can equal great business outcomes.

The other buzz on the event floor, will the promise of a more “streamlined FDA” be a reality in an Obama White House? With new HHS and FDA heads, can something be done to ensure medications and treatments make it to patients faster? The notion that speeding the process puts patients at risk was not shared by the attendees. One CEO quipped: “There are airplanes flying today with hundreds of passengers on them which were designed completely on computers and deemed safe by the FAA. After all the necessary testing demonstrated airworthiness, the airlines now have more fuel efficient and safer aircraft which were delivered years earlier than expected.”

Schwartz attended the event and captured video from the BayBio booth. Hope you enjoy some of the highlights.

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