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Non-Media Influencers – Where are they?

Have you read the Target Breach eBook? If not, please do. Hopefully you’ve at least seen our previous blog posts regarding the topic.

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We’ve discussed the local television broadcast stations, which have had a major presence in the social media conversation surrounding the Target Breach, and we’ve mentioned non-media influencers’ presence. The conversation during the month of mid-December to early January was dominated by these influencers, but how do you find them on NUVI? If you only take the overall data from the entire month, the large media players (ABC, NBC Nightly News, CNN, etc.) dominate the top influencers list. However, if you take a closer look, they didn’t appear in the conversation nearly as much as the non-media and local media affiliates.

NUVI relies heavily on influencer scores to determine the top conversation leaders. The larger media organizations have a higher influencer score, but they didn’t appear as much in the conversation as the others. To get a clear picture of who was most involved, you have to look hour-by-hour, where you’d see mostly non-media and local affiliates of major networks and their reporters’ Twitter handles dominating the discussion. It requires more digging to find, but it’s worth the effort to see the true dynamic of the Target Breach coverage on social media.

Read our eBook to learn more and to completely understand what was said, the sentiment of the conversation, and how Target handled the news surrounding the breach.

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