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MSLGROUP Named Best Corporate Consultancy In The World

MSLGROUP has just been named “Best Corporate Consultancy in the World, 2013” by the influential Holmes Group. This impressive award underscores what companies around the world have learned by working with MSLGROUP: that we are unmatched in our ability to help our clients with strategic communications and marketing. That’s because truly effective communications and marketing – the type that makes a positive difference in peoples’ lives – is far more than just the basics done well.  MSLGROUP provides our clients with integrated communications and marketing campaigns derived from insights, analysis and creativity. Any agency can execute tasks. But only one is recognized as the Best Corporate Consultancy in the World. Think about what that can mean for your communications and marketing.



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Dave Close

Dave Close

Managing Director at MSLGROUP

Dave Close has worked in technology and healthcare PR since the internet was a fishing accessory. His long view and appreciation of the absurd guide his opinions about business, life and coffee.

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