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MSLGROUP Challenge Day – A year later, on the other side

Editor’s Note: The Summer Insiders Challenge is MSLGROUP’s Summer internship program. Out of the large pool of applicants, a small number of students are invited to attend “Challenge Day”, which is a full day of interviews, presentations…and yes, challenges. Not only is the event an opportunity for the next generation of PR talent to showcase their passion and abilities, it’s also an opportunity to learn from and network with seasoned communication professionals.

MSLGROUP Boston Summer Insiders Intern Challenge Day Participants

Looking back a year ago it’s hard to believe I’m here again at MSLGROUP’s Challenge Day.

Everything seems so familiar, the table all set up with “goodies,” the nervous faces on the 13 students eagerly waiting for the day to begin. There is something different though…I’m not one of those students. This year I’m the one talking with them about my experience, telling them not to be nervous (for what it’s worth) and interviewing candidates for a position that, just a year ago, I could only dream about. The excitement in the air is overwhelming. Challenge Day is more than just an interview, it is a learning experience. For me, it was the start of my post-graduate life and an amazing journey.

Participating in events throughout the day, such as the “Day in the Life” panel, was an opportunity to talk to candidates about my experiences as a Summer Insider and currently as an Account Associate. I thought back to last year, remembering how inspiring it was to hear from people only slightly older than me who were starting their careers. I enjoyed answering questions about my daily responsibilities and talking about my clients, hoping I was inspiring and encouraging these students just as I was inspired last year.

MSLGROUP Boston Summer Insiders Intern Challenge Day Participants Panel

Out of all the activities, the afternoon interview session really showed how different it was to be on the other side of things. I remember being so nervous last year, but how comfortable my interviews made me feel, like it was just a conversation. I tried to do the same as I was interviewing potential insiders, learning about more than just what was on their resumes, but what really drove them to pursue a career in public relations.

At the end of the day I had the opportunity to bring a group of candidates around the office for a quick tour. It was exciting to walk them around and explain how our office functioned on a daily basis, and of course take them by my cube.

After experiencing MSLGROUP’s Challenge Day from both sides, I can see what a great learning experience it is for both the candidates and employees, each group learning from the other. I can only hope I was able to inspire this group of students about the world of PR and help them along their journey to becoming budding PR professionals.

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Chelsea Robie

Chelsea Robie

Account Associate at MSLGROUP

Chelsea Robie is an Account Associate at MSLGROUP in Boston. She graduated in 2013 from Ithaca College and is and avid athlete interested in technology and healthcare PR.

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