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mHealth Summit: Where the Healthcare World Comes to Engage and Collaborate

mHealth Summit logoMore than 4,000 providers, leaders, influencers and visionaries in mobile and connected health will converge at the 6th Annual mHealth Summit from December 7 through December 11 at the Gaylord National Resort in Washington, DC.

The Summit connects passionate visionaries by blending peer sessions, research and case studies with cross-audience dialogue to inspire ideas and excellence. Since mobile is seeping into all parts of the healthcare continuum, this conference has become a must for healthcare stakeholders around the world.

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MSLGROUP client Dean Stephens, CEO of Healthline, will be participating in a panel focused on mHealth and Cancer on Monday, December 8 to share new research on the decision support needs of consumers impacted by cancer, and discuss mobile strategies for improving engagement and outcomes. To address this, Healthline conducted a study with Anthem to gain deeper insight into the decision support needs of consumers affected by breast and prostate cancers. Stephens will share key study findings and discuss new ways that healthcare organizations can leverage mobile tools to close consumer information gaps, increase engagement, improve outcomes and lower costs.

Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher at ESET, another MSLGROUP client, will be participating on two panels. One will be part of the Privacy and Security Symposium on Sunday called BYOD and MDM: Reducing Risk on the Mobile Perimeter. The other will be on Dec. 9 on Cross Border Concerns: Cybersecurity, Data Ownership & EU/US Privacy Regulations.

“The potential benefits of mobile medical technology and telemedicine are enormous, from better quality of life to saving lives, not to mention controlling healthcare costs,” says Cobb. “Yet, keeping data safe when it is beyond the confines of hospitals and clinics is a serious challenge, one that cannot be met merely through regulatory compliance. The mHealth Summit brings together a broad and deep array of healthcare stakeholders, and I am looking forward to joining the discussion and learning how we can apply the highest level of safety to ensure not only the best patient outcomes, but also satisfied users.”

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If you will be attending the mHealth Summit, let people know what you’re doing by tweeting on your involvement and sharing trends. The Twitter handle is @mHealthSummit, and the hashtag is #mHealth14.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s mHealth Summit?

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Davida Dinerman

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