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Infosec Innovators Urged to Act on Ideas as RSA 2014 Wraps

For the masses mulling around San Francisco’s Moscone Center last week, they would likely agree that RSA Conference 2014 was brimming with innovation. We at MSLGROUP witnessed it firsthand with our troops on the ground and those reporting from the RSA Conference War Room. We saw top innovators receive due recognition at the SC Magazine Awards ceremony, among other honors dished out last week.

And we know one person in particular who shares our thinking. It’s RSA Conference Program Committee Chairman Hugh Thompson, who offered a few summary thoughts as the 2014 event came to a close.

With optimism, Thompson acknowledged that lots of transformative ideas were flowing at this year’s Conference, especially among participants of the Innovation Sandbox program that promotes new technology and new ways of thinking.

“What are we doing with these ideas?” Thompson posed this question and urged the IT security community to take action. His advice: “Feel free to change precedent.”

RSA San Francisco 2014 attendees urged to act (Photo credit:

Hugh Thompson urges IT security innovators to “act on ideas” at RSA Conference 2014

As the nature of the security landscape changes so too must the thinking and actions of those fighting the war for good. Thompson elaborates on some of the evolution that’s happening in a recent InformationWeek interview here.

Precedent setting needs to happen as part of a collective effort in order for it to be impactful, say experts including veteran security journalist Byron Acohido. In a video interview with MSLGROUP from the RSA Conference expo hall, Acohido calls collaboration an important vector for creating positive change and notes it’s a growing trend.

“Collaboration is gaining more traction with lawmakers talking to private industry and law enforcement talking to each other,” Acohido says. “The key to all of this is the dialogue taking place so that everybody on the side of the good guys gets together, shares more information and can collectively act smarter to make the Internet safer.”

At MSLGROUP we share this optimism. We’d like to thank our clients, partners and friends for joining with us to help make RSA Conference 2014 successful, eventful and fun. It will certainly be interesting to see what’s in store at next year’s event.

In the interim, we have a talented and dedicated crew of MSLGROUP security PR pros guiding the strategic communications programs for many of the innovators making waves in this industry—how exciting!

For more information on working with MSLGROUP, please contact Tiffany Darmetko at or (781) 684-0770.

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