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HubSpot Inbound 2012 Day 4- Content, Context and Effort oh my!

Today was the final keynote speech, a few more break out sessions, and a closing ceremony of sorts where we all got kudos for attending and coupons for next year… what a day!


Keynote: Gary Vynerchuck @garyvee

"The only reason I love social media is only because it sells S#$%. I don’t give a S$%& about Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook or whatever, I care about where my customers’ attention is going so I can sell them S#$%"

Gary Vynerchuck, curseword user extraordinaire, got into business at 13. He made $1,000 a weekend selling baseball cards and was sitting on a pretty pile of cash ($30k) within a year, that’s when his Dad made him go to "work" at the family liquor store.  Pretty quickly, Gary realized collecting wine was almost the same thing as baseball cards and by 1997 was born.

Vynerchuck saw his competitors were sending out catalogues or faxing (yes, sending paper through a machine!) when he figured out e-mail! What started out as a weekly email sales offer turned into bi-weekly email service, then daily email service, then 5 days a week and then daily. At first, it was awesome and everyone opened, read and used the coupons in his emails, but like most things, the more you give the more diminished returns.  

He goes on to say that you have to pay attention to culture shifts and get onboard no matter how much time it takes. Didn’t we first think the WEB was a fad? Didn’t we first think that Twitter was fad!? So, where do we spend our time next? After realizing that EVERYONE is now on email, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Gary declares retention is the next stage in the game. It’s not how many customers you get, it’s how many you can keep. It’s the lifetime value and % of wallet you get from your clients.

With that, similar to the context discussion yesterdsay, the next step isn’t just about finding people, but finding what their interested in. Through all of the social media tools out there we can learn about you and then, we give a F*&^, and we can sell to you better. Effort for the end user is such a valuable thing, if they can sense your effort in learning about them, they want you.

"As our world goes more Jetsons, the marketers and business people that act like the Flinstones are gonna win" This is awesome as I have been described as an old soul and my aesthetic as "grandma chic." Gary talked about how our grandparents way of business (showing potential clients you’re interested and showing real clients that you are still interested) works!

You’ve got to build a brand or else it’s a tactic, and the brands that win put in the effort. if you can figure out how to afford the allocation of effort, your long term value will be dramatically higher! If you do anything at all, audit what you and your business do and and take the percentage of dumb stuff and put it towards effort in your customers. Use technology to bring us back together and show you care about people. It matters.

In summary,  Gary says do nice S*%$ while you’ve got them, not when they’re going!

The other two sessions were: Inbound Marketing Success Within An Enterprise- David Donland @ddonlan, Kevin Karner @kkarner23 (Performable, acquired by HubSpot) and Part 2: The View from the Marketer’s Eye by Mark Sneider- Owner/President RSW/US & RSW/ AgencySearch. Lessons learned can be found soon in a little something we are working on!  Hope you enjoyed the #Inbound12 play-by-play and that I’ll see some of you there next year!    

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