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HubSpot Inbound 2012 Day 2- It’s Still About Content… And So Much More!

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 Welcome Address- Inbound In Style!

Thunderstruck, ACDC’s awesome track, was the background to a video of Boston in it’s glory with sunny skies and a fancy helicopter winding through the neighborhoods below. Flash to Darmesh and Brian (HubSpot co-founders) wearing track suits and aviators enjoying the ride. Finally, after lots of lead up- they "landed" at the conference and gave a funny and formal welcome to #Inbound2012.

Keynote David Meerman Scott : You are what you publish! 

1. First up was a discussion about horizontal content. This is content thats broad and thin that people will find when searching broad market category search words. He’s a music lover and the example was typing in "indie music concerts" where results span from live music in a particular city to worldwide festivals and bands.

2. After this broad discussion, he explained vertical content that is much more specific and deep. This is content to help drive people into very specific search terms and where you may type in the actual band name in the search like "sts9 tour" bringing you right to the exact content you are looking for. (sound tribe sector 9, yeah, I’ve seen them!)

3. Last, and most important is Real Time content: discussions and content about whats going on right this moment. This instant. RIGHT NOW! Using a #bostonlivemusic as a search explains what’s happening right now.

Lessons learned: Is one of our clients doing something cool today? We CANNOT operate in campaign mode, we have to unlearn this "planning" mode and go live! Discuss current content and keep the conversation relevant!

Did I forget to mention that he brought Cyndi Lauper up and she sang some blues to kick us off? 


 5 Steps to Becoming an inbound Ninja- Everyone Watch Out!

This discussion was led by Mark Kilens, manager of customer training, HubSpot @markkilens

1. Goal setting- setting smart monthly goals for traffic and leads is a great way to get started on your inbound plans.

2. Traffic generation-  Be social. Be fun. And always be creating content! Mark straggly stated, "Live by the 50/50 rule: 50% of your own content 50% other peoples content"

3. Conversion- Create lead generation content (white papers, ebooks, guides, webinars) where the commitment to read that content is a little higher. From there, create a call to action- landing page- and most importantly a thank you page with next steps.

4. Nurturing- nurture leads into becoming customers through both the lead generating content and the social content. Create smart lists: all of the leads that downloaded an ebook and are 4 weeks old and are b2b. Narrow the list and send them a relative blog through EMAIL MARKETING. Build trust by sending relevant info at the right time.  

5. Analyze – Measure the views and make sure calls to action are several pages. From there, look at  Clicks to determine how many people are actually clicking on the call to action. Finally, analyze the submission rate of that call to action


Keynote Rand Fishkin, @SEOMOZ @randfish "Choose Short Men & Tall Women"

To get the talk going, Rand creatively showed us two graphs:

1. Male Messaging & Female Attractiveness Graph (men think all women are attractive and will talk to everyone)

2. Female Messaging & Male Attractiveness Graph (women think nobody is attractive and will talk to only a very few that could possibly be attractive)

Digging deeper, we saw that women say they will only look at men above 5’9 and it’s just completely irrational!

Removal of a single, irrational bias may yield remarkable results!

From there, Rand discussed 12 bias’s that we marketers have about SEO. For example, the # bias was listed as: Ranking Position is all That Matters. This is simply untrue. The CTR (click through rate) is influenced by more than position. Sometimes, it’s the authors photo listed third in the search results or possibly a link with amazon ratings that’s fifth on the list that is more important to viewers etc. It can even be the date of publication that is enticing moreso than the first positioned link!

For a deeper review of this talk and many more, including Social Media 3.0 -a review of the relationship between individuals and brands, stay tuned to for more news from #INBOUND12!



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