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How to put the “social” in healthcare IT social media: Experts weigh in

Continuing our post-HIMSS reporting, MSLGROUP Boston’s senior media and content strategist Don Fluckinger asked a few of the most influential social media leaders in the health IT space (they converse on Twitter with the #HITsm hashtag) what it takes to stand out in the crowd and become a thought leader, no matter your specialty topic.

John Lynn, founder and editor of the Healthcare Scene blog network, advises folks to make themselves worth following by creating impactful content that attracts a loyal audience. And if you want to reach the right people, Shahid Shah, founder NetSpective Communications, offers a perfect suggestion – find the influencers. In the case of health IT, he suggests following #HIT100. Mandi Bishop, health plan analytics practice lead at Dell, suggests supplementing social media engagement with personal meetings to build and strengthen relationships.

Whatever mix of the tactics you try, find what works best for you to stay engaged with the right audience to gain real value. Above all, have fun. If you want to learn more about MSLGROUP’s strategic communications and social media programs, please contact Doug Russell (781-684-0770) in MSLGROUP’s Boston office.

Stay tuned for more great video insights from this year’s HIMSS conference!

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Davida Dinerman

Davida Dinerman

Account Director at MSLGROUP

A member of MSLGROUP since 1996, Davida has been entrenched in the agency’s healthcare IT and tech practice groups. She earned her MBA from Babson College and her BA degree from Dartmouth College.

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  • Steve Sisko

    I heard something about John Lynn doing a #HIT99 event this year. Apparently the 2014 #HIT100 was never taken to conclusion with official results published. (Not sure why after all the fanfare that went around #HIT100)

    I think someone like John and his social media organizations/presence are well-suited to handle such an event.

    C;mon John! Do it! Do IT!


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