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How hard is it for a company to get VC funding in 2010? Ask the experts.

With all of the recent talk of a potential double-dip recession, start-ups and later stage companies seeking funding may be asking themselves whether the already-cautious VCs are about to become even more cautious. A recent survey by the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project confirms that some VCs and angel investors are indeed becoming more risk averse and looking to put more money into existing portfolio companies rather than test the waters with an unfamiliar start-up. This doesn’t mean that companies seeking funding should abandon all hope, however. First of all, it should be pointed out that the double-dip recession may not even happen, as Hale Stewart explains in his recent blog post. Second of all, there are positive signs in the investment community, such as some data released by VentureDeal showing that many sectors saw increased funding in Q2 over Q1.
In situations like these, it’s sometimes nice to put aside the survey data and statistics for a minute and just listen to real people, in this case VCs, discussing what they think. We had the chance to talk to some leading VCs, CEOs and start-up gurus at the AlwaysOn VentureSummit this summer, to ask them their thoughts on the economy. While these conversations also happened before the recent scare about a "double-dip," what you’ll hear in their answers is a generally positive attitude about things to come. What you’ll also hear as a bonus is how these industry leaders answered our question about which online video they most recently watched – something members of the digital group here at Schwartz are always interested in hearing. 






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