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HIMSS 2016 PR prep: Editor Lee DeOrio ‘on the record’ about OpenNotes, meaningful use and Vegas

Before each annual conference and exhibition of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), exhibiting companies and attendees alike need to do their homework to get the most out of their investment going to the show.

This year’s HIMSS, in Las Vegas Feb. 29-March 4, could top 43,000 attendees and 1,300 exhibitors. That means there will LeeDeorio2011--2be a lot of noise distracting you from what really matters. We’ve interviewed several of the top health IT journalists to get some intel on what issues and technologies they are following, and solicited advice on the best ways to secure meetings at the show.

Our first interviewee is Lee DeOrio, editor of For the Record, Great Valley Publishing’s monthly magazine dedicated to HIM and HIT professionals. It covers a spectrum of topics including coding, health data systems, privacy compliance and medical transcription.

MSLGROUP: Every HIMSS has its big story – not knowing what this year’s will be, what are the topics that are most relevant to your readers?

Lee DeOrio: Our readers, most notably coders and transcriptionists, are heavily invested in what the future holds in store for them. That means they’re interested to learn how coding, documentation and revenue cycle management technology will reshape their positions.

What is the significance of OpenNotes’ $10M funding? We’ve been hearing about it for years but it looks like it might take off in 2016, giving patients access to their physicians’ clinical notes?

The OpenNotes initiative seems to be taking measured steps to become more widespread, which is probably a very good strategy. HIM professionals are intrigued by what it means for clinical documentation. The initiative has received excellent feedback thus far. I expect that to continue.

Meaningful use – ending in 2016. What should be written on its gravestone, and why?

“Never Tell Doctors What to Do.” Forcing them to do so many things at once and threatening them with penalties on top of that led to discontent.

What has been or will be the impact of ONC’s 10 year health data interoperability plan, if any?

For the most part, I only hear about interoperability success stories. How widespread that is, I have no clue. It will be fascinating to see how the 10-year journey plays out. It also will be fascinating to see how they determine whether it was a success.

What one thing do you want to see or do in Vegas during the one free evening you may get?

Whenever I’m in Vegas, I never miss The Charles Nelson Reilly Revue.

Editor’s note: Who says health IT journalists have no sense of humor?

Peyton Manning, keynote speaker? What health IT insights do you hope to glean from him?

Not expecting all that much (said to the tune of the Nationwide jingle).

Your number one tip for getting a client meeting with you is this [fill in the blank]…
…focus on a topic, not a product.

MSLGROUP staff will be on site at HIMSS16 assisting current clients, meeting with prospective clients, trendspotting and creating content. To learn what we can do for you, contact Doug Russell at or 781-684-0770. See you in Vegas!

Las Vegas photo credit: jericl cat on Flickr.


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