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The Road to HIMSS: Reporter Michelle Ronan Noteboom talks HIT trends

Michelle NoteboomMSLGROUP caught up with Health IT Freelance Writer Michelle Ronan Noteboom to chat about topics she will be interested in at HIMSS15Meaningful Use Stage 3 and some of the big healthcare tech companies are among the topics on her agenda, and she is open to other news and innovations companies will be showcasing.  Look for insights from Michelle during the conference; you can  follow her on Twitter @michnoteboom.

MSLGROUP: What types of stories or insights do you hope to come away with at the end of the show?

Ronan Noteboom: My goal is to speak with other attendees to determine what they are talking about and feel are the most pressing issues and concerns, and the hot new technologies. However, I think we’ll be hearing a lot about interoperability, population health, analytics and probably all these bolt-on apps that work with EHRs to improve usability.

How many HIMSS have you attended?

More than 10. I am a freelancer and have gone with different outlets in the past and before that with a vendor. But this year I am going on behalf of The Healthcare Blog; I started working with them about nine months ago.

Meaningful Use – do you have opinions about Stage 3? Will it be a topic and affect the mindshare of attendees?

Whatever is included in Stage 3 will impact what the vendors are messaging. They will communicate how their offerings are different and how they can help providers achieve stage 3. In terms of speakers, up until the last minute they’re going to tweak their messages to help providers understand what the requirements are and how to achieve the different objectives.

Are you looking at any particular companies or capabilities?

I like checking out the small, new companies to see what they are talking about. It’s hard to come up with even a handful of ones since there are many that are out there, but one company that I am curious to check out is Cerner. Now that Siemens is on board, and their ambulatory product performed well in the KLAS ranking, they are definitely the solid #2 player in the space. I’ll primarily be interested in what messaging they will have to convince people they have the capabilities or should be considered over Epic.

I also tend to be more interested in the clinical applications over financial. But I am seeing increasing overlap with the vendors. You are talking about things like ACOs and pay-for-performance where there is overlap.

Going off healthcare for a moment, have you spent much time in Chicago and have some hot spots there?

The handful of times I have been there have all been work-related, so I don’t have any favorite places for sightseeing, but I know I will be getting a few good meals there.

Any good recommendations?

I don’t! But I have some friends from Chicago for good recommendations.

What advice do you have for PR people when they approach you for meetings? Are you taking meetings with vendors?

First, understand what the publication is that the journalist writes for i.e. types of stories and who the audience is. I personally schedule few appointments as I am more interested in hearing what the vendors are telling the providers. I tend to listen in on demos and if my interest is piqued, I will ask questions after the fact. It is a small amount of time and there are a lot of things to take in. There are a lot of sessions and planning the time can be challenging.

Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

I like to attend keynotes and I usually attend some individual education sessions. I need to take some time and pick a few out. I might take part in some social media tweet chats so I’ll need to make a schedule. Right now, I am in the midst of moving, and then there’s April 15, so things are a little crazy. But I will be at the show from Sunday to Wednesday.

Best of luck!

 Photo credit for tablet-healthcare worker image on blog home page: NEC Corp. of America’s Flickr, under Creative Commons license.


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