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Health Data Interoperability: Report from the trenches

U.S. healthcare isn’t as seamless as, for example, the banking industry when it comes to data exchange. But it’s getting there, say the CIOs and experts we interviewed at HIMSS15. New standards such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR, pronounced “fire”) could get us there in two to three years.

There is another vexing piece of the health data interoperability puzzle – the national patient identifier. It affects how we exchange a patient’s data across competing vendors’ electronic medical records, over state lines and maybe between competing health systems. In other words, how can one system confirm with the other that we are talking about the right John Smith among thousands of people with the same name already in the system? Or Maria Gonzalez, for that matter? Or James Johnson?

These are problems data experts and healthcare CIOs struggle with every day. Why? Federal policy forbids the government from even researching the feasibility of assigning each patient their own discrete ID, let alone funding it. In this video, we see the real impact of this simple-yet-far-reaching data dilemma in hospitals across the country.

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