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Green Jobs, Green Buildings, Green Future

The name of the game this election season is jobs.

And when it comes to green jobs, the sectors that are driving clean power creation, energy efficiency and sustainability have proven to be stronger, growing faster, and faring better than many other job sectors have over the past few years.  (That’s at least according to groups such as the Economic Policy Institute; look at any number of websites and get a much different answer.)

That being said, if you actually look at the number of people that claim green job employment, even the most bullish interpretation is still conservative. 

In fact, last week, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) highlighted on its blog the growth of green building jobs—661,000 as of this time last year, according to a study by McGraw-Hill Construction. Greenbuild, which is put on by the USGBC, will look to vet this topic further during the session “The Role of Green Buildings in Economic Recovery” and should make for a pretty spirited conversation just one week after Election Day.

At Schwartz MSL, we have always leveraged the crucial role job creation and economic development play in our clients’ businesses, communities and markets. Here are a couple ways we’ve integrated the topic of job creation into our PR programs:

  • Hiring trends: Whether offering special training to vets or prospecting in blue collar fields, the types of industries or experience you’re targeting can be an interesting story.
  • Q&A from the Field: The employee herself or himself is a story. Outlets such as the Career Journal section of Wall Street Journal Online are always looking for the right candidate’s story.
  • Survey: Gathering data from where employees worked previously, or even their current job satisfaction as part of the green economy, can make for media-worthy results.
  • Executive Commentary: Positioning executives as thought leaders regarding trends suchas where they’ve seen growth stemming from and how they are helping keep jobs in the US.

If you have an interesting green job story at your company and want to discuss the best ways to highlight and promote it, give us a shout. We love talking about this stuff…

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