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Expressing the Value of Healthcare Technology

All of the healthcare companies we work with at MSLGROUP have transformative technologies that are changing healthcare, and most of these technologies are incredibly complex.

By describing these technologies in simple, compelling terms, and seeding the marketplace with these messages, we help companies increase customer and stakeholder interest – and this can have lasting positive effects on the value that customers and stakeholders place on your company.

Here are some simple ways to describe complex technologies in simple terms, which we have seen increase the value of products and companies time and time again:

  • Identify the key aspect of your technology that is most transformative or that is most different from everything else that is out there.
  • Find and use an analogy to describe the transformative aspect of your technology; for example Scientific American describes Josiah Zayner’s “chromocord” invention at the University of Chicago as a “music box that turns biology into sound.”
  • Develop an infographic that succinctly conveys the core value of your technology or product offering – because we all know a picture can tell a thousand words. Here is an example of an infographic we developed to clarify when BRCA testing is medically indicated.

And remember – just because you choose one key aspect to describe your technology first doesn’t mean you can’t talk about the whole package later.

Check back again soon for more tips and insights on the technologies that are transforming healthcare.



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