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Ed Iacobucci, Tech Pioneer

Today the tech world heard the sad news of the passing of Ed Iacobucci.

There are many stories and obits that cover his distinguished career and I won’t rehash the details. He was an inventor, a tech pioneer and an indefatigable leader. I was lucky to interact with him for several years when we handled PR for his second startup, DayJet. I was not in his inner circle – and he sure had one, full of people who deeply believed in him and followed him from company to company. Our wonderful DayJet marketing contact Vicky Harris is one of those and today must be a terrible day for her. But I did have the pleasure of spending hours with him in brainstorming meetings, arranging interviews and all the usual PR stuff.

What a guy! He was so compelling in describing his vision for a per-seat, on-demand jet air taxi service.  And it wasn’t just a vision. Through years of challenges and set-backs DayJet and Ed persisted, building complex new software, acquiring a fleet of an exciting new type of aircraft, until finally, DayJet flew and real passengers enjoyed real benefits from the unique service. Then came September 2008 and DayJet was hit hard by the twin shocks of the financial markets locking up and fuel prices going through the roof. In short order the company was gone.

I’ve never had a more challenging and interesting PR assignment. For all his accomplishments, Ed was a somewhat modest guy. He loved to talk about software and planes – what could be better? Reporters loved talking with him – he gave them time, taught them, answered all the questions and did it in the most pleasant way. I count myself lucky to have met him and worked on a project with him.

Ed Iacobucci

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Dave Close

Dave Close

Managing Director at MSLGROUP

Dave Close has worked in technology and healthcare PR since the internet was a fishing accessory. His long view and appreciation of the absurd guide his opinions about business, life and coffee.

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  • Vicky Harris

    Thank you, Dave, for your touching article on Ed. He considered DayJet the highlight of his career and loved every minute spent being the renegade in trying to bring about change to an industry that fundamentally hadn’t thought “outside the box” in 50 years.
    Thanks to you and the Schwartz team for helping to bring the DayJet vision to life.
    Best regards,
    Vicky Harris


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