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Data Security Takes a Front Seat in Healthcare

With the recent rash of breaches at prominent healthcare organizations this year, it was no surprise that health data security was top of mind among CIOs at HIMSS15. Show organizers added the Cyber Security Command Center in a new exhibit area as attendees felt pressure mounting to pass strict security tests in the wake of new data breaches and random HIPAA audits coming later this year.

MSLGROUP Boston’s senior media and content strategist Don Fluckinger spoke with several experts about next steps for healthcare organizations to strengthen their cyber security posture:

Mandi Bishop, health plan analytics practice lead at Dell, believes we are going to continue to see more national interest in health data privacy. We also need to look at foreign policy and how we are preventing foreign national governments from gaining access to our health data.

Cletis Earle, vice president and CIO at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital in NY, understands how resource-challenged providers struggle to keep the hackers at bay. He and his team are adopting the right tools and technologies and taking the popular (and smart) stance that it is not a matter of if, but rather when an organization will get compromised.

Marc Probst, CIO of Intermountain Healthcare and CHIME board member, says it’s time to figure out why healthcare data is so attractive to cyber criminals, and de-incentivize it. “They don’t care when I had my last colonoscopy or what it looked like,” Probst said, “but they do want the data to conduct other nefarious activities. We need to learn from that and how to protect our assets in a more timely and cost effective way.”

MSLGROUP can help you participate in the healthcare data conversation. If you want to learn more about our strategic communications programs, please contact Doug Russell (781-684-0770) in MSLGROUP’s Boston office.

Stay tuned for more great video insights from CIOs and industry experts on healthcare IT trends such as interoperability.

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Davida Dinerman

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