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Congratulations, Merv!

Merv Adrian, a terrifically talented individual, has struck out on his own with IT Market Strategy.

For those of you who may not know Merv, he has been a significant figure in the technology analyst community for many years, first with Giga, and then later Forrester. I first met him when we represented Austin-based Pervasive Software for a number of years shortly after its IPO in the 90s. (Ron Harris was CEO and Rob Adams was the VP of Marketing.) Merv really got our story and had no problems setting us straight on the things we didn’t get as we waged war with Oracle and Sybase—both of which were trying to move down into the embedded database market.

Like the best analysts, he never knee-jerked his judgement, and pushed in all the places that hurt with great suggestions for repair.

Anyway, enough memory lane. I encourage you to RSS to Merv’s blog and reach out to him. He has a fantastic mind and terrific experience.

And this just in: Merv’s BeyeNETWORK channel hits in a week. Stay tuned!

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Bryan Scanlon

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