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Bloom Energy PR, Bright Source GR and a Good Week for Cleantech

There have been a few big announcements this week that have been good visibility for the Cleantech and Green industry from a public relations and government relations standpoint, including a long-time stealth player drawing back the covers and a major DOE loan guarantee for a big solar thermal player. The news comes as the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco and Renewable Energy World in Austin attempt to monopolize attention.

Bloom Energy came out of stealth on 60 Minutes generating a lot of secondary awareness in the media and blogosphere. One interesting PR aspect of the company’s launch, is that by keeping things tight lipped for so long, it was really hard for CBS to interview skeptics familiar with the company.  Next comes the most important step for Bloom to separate itself from some other past big cleantech claims–the ability to scale.

-BrightSource Energy received a major loan guarantee from the Department of Energy to develop plants in California. This is a big government relations win for the solar market overall, as the government continues to back solar.

Everyone we talk to is bullish about cleantech in general in 2010, with a potential second boom cycle beginning in 2011. The question is how much new technology ground will be broken and how instrumental will Uncle Sam be in driving adoption/investment.

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Jason Morris

Jason Morris

Executive Vice President at MSLGROUP

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