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Facebook Advertising: The Key to Building Brand Presence

It’s hard to imagine a world today without Facebook. It seems that more and more of our time is spent on this all-encompassing social networking site. Most of us would never remember a birthday without it! This is no different for companies; it is becoming a necessity for brands to have a presence on Facebook. However, with the constant changes to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, it can be difficult for a com ...

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MSLGROUP Challenge Day – A year later, on the other side

Editor's Note: The Summer Insiders Challenge is MSLGROUP's Summer internship program. Out of the large pool of applicants, a small number of students are invited to attend "Challenge Day", which is a full day of interviews, presentations...and yes, challenges. Not only is the event an opportunity for the next generation of PR talent to showcase their passion and abilities, it's also an opportunity to learn ...

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